Amanda Peeler

Ask Amanda Peeler, owner of ETA Services in Arkansas, what piece of wisdom she hopes to pass down to her 19-month-old daughter, Emmalynn, and without hesitation Amanda responds, “Know your worth. Know that you are worth your weight in gold.” She then adds, “And that also applies to truckers – the most misunderstood and underappreciated workers in America.”

Amanda’s passion for truckers is palpable. “I actually got into trucking by chance and fell in love with it and with truckers. They sacrifice everything to make sure we can live comfortably. For me, their sacrifice is second only to the military and First Responders. Truckers risk everything – their families and their lives – to make sure we have bread on our shelves.”

Called a “unicorn in the industry” by her truckers, Amanda opened ETA Services a year ago after the trucking company she was working for drastically downsized. “We were all left to fend for ourselves,” she said, “but with the help of Jimmy at Sterling Logistics and George at LGM Logistics, here I am today.” To honor her commitment to the industry, Jimmy and George bestowed her with her own CB name: Badass.  “They even gave me a gold bracelet with that name on it, but in Morse Code, so we wouldn’t offend anybody.”

Also key to Amanda’s business success is her relationship with TBS. “When I think of TBS, I think of dependability on two levels: professional and personal. On a professional level, I know that they are always going to take care of my company, no matter what. I can call them about absolutely anything, and as long as it is in their wheelhouse, they will bend over backwards to help me. On a personal level, they always treat you like a person, like a friend. I don’t feel like I’m calling an automated service. You get a person every single time.”

TBS assists Amanda with a host of back office tasks, including billing and payments. She likes to factor because it’s “worry-free and you get paid right away,” but she prefers to factor with TBS because “they are a no B.S. company. What you see is what you get. Upfront they say: ‘Here’s our percentage, here’s our fees.’ I don’t have to worry it.”

Amanda especially appreciates how working with TBS has given her more time not only with her family, but also with her truckers. “Jimmy and George were delivering trailers down in Arkansas, and I was able to leave the office, hop on the truck with them and see what a delivery was like. I was able to do that because TBS takes care of all the paperwork.”

An ovarian cancer survivor, Amanda knows the value of long-term and rewarding relationships. “You are who you hang around with,” she said. “If you surround yourself with good successful people who are encouraging you, that’s what you’re going to be – a successful person who encourages other people.”


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