Things You Should Know: Advances


  • *40% advance – $19.99
  • *50% advance – $24.99

* Subject to approval. Terms and conditions may apply.

What amount does TBS advance?

We can advance up to 50%* of the load rate from brokers and shippers approved for factoring.

When are advances funded?

Advances are funded within four hours after the cargo is loaded and all required paperwork is submitted to TBS.


  • Contract with TBS (3 month minimum) required if not initially signed up for the program upon becoming a client.
  • Rate sheet from customer signed by the carrier.
  • BOL for load on which the advance is given.
  • TBS Advance Request Form properly filled out.
  • TBS EFS or TBS Comdata fuel card account
  • All paperwork must be submitted within seven (7) days of the advance.

Your responsibility

  1. No other advances may be taken on a load advanced by TBS.
  2. Any outstanding advances past seven (7) days will be charged against the next loads submitted to TBS for factoring.
  3. Original signed paperwork providing proof of delivery must be submitted for factoring within seven (7) days of the advance funding. 
  4. The load must be clear of defects. 

A $200 fee will be charged if these requirements are not met.



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