Things You Should Know: Short Pays

 A short pay is when the broker/shipper pays less than the invoiced amount (load rate). 

A short pay may happen for fees charged for late deliveries, damage to loads, advance fees, lumper advance fees, etc.

The factoring fee TBS charges to fund your load gives you credit protection against non-payment due to customer credit problems. Short pays have nothing to do with the credit worthiness of the broker/shipper, but are instead fees or penalties accrued while hauling the load.

  1. Know any and all fees/penalties that will be deducted from the load rate.
    • TBS did not haul the load, you did. We have no way of knowing in advance what fees and/or penalties apply to your load.
  2. List on your Exhibit B any and all fees/penalties that will be deducted from the load rate.
    • If we know the correct load rate before we send the invoice, you’ll get paid a lot faster.
  3. Any and all disputes regarding short pays are your responsibility.
    • Because you hauled the load, only you know what happened. TBS does not get involved in short pay disputes.

A short pay MUST be accounted for. TBS will supply you with the documentation you need to verify that the invoice was short paid. 

If TBS has already paid you the full load rate, we’ll deduct the short pay from your next load. 

If you dispute the short pay and the broker/shipper decides to pay it, TBS will give the remittance back to you once we receive it. 

We understand that short pays are frustrating. TBS is committed to providing you with the right information so a short pay doesn’t ruin the day.



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