Commercial truck tires are one of the largest operating expenses for most truck owner-operators. Extending the lifespan of tires helps save money. Getting the most out of tires—maximum mileage, safety, and wear—begins with:

  1. Appropriately “spec’ing” tires for the intended application. Selecting the proper tire size, type, and tread design helps ensure satisfactory performance. Tires are application-specific and designed to deliver different performance criteria in different applications and under different conditions. Therefore, it is important that truck owner-operators understand vehicle application, road conditions, and operating environment. Other considerations are the tire manufacturer, tire dealer, price, availability, and warranty coverage.
  2. Buying high-quality commercial truck tires. Purchasing cheap tires may seem like a way to save money, but it will end up costing more money over time. High-quality tires last longer and reduce the amount of maintenance.
  3. Staying on top of preventive tire maintenance. This helps control and reduce tire costs because many tire-related issues are preventable.



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