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Freight Capital
Plenty of freight is available at competitive rates but the costs keep coming. Here are five ways to improve your working capital....
Follow these seven simple steps to be ready before, during, and after the DOT exam to comply with requirements....
Tire Alignment
70–80% of commercial vehicles on the road today are misaligned, but total vehicle alignment is often overlooked....


Trucker drives down the road
Whether you take advantage of our discount fuel cards or use the TBS Fuel Finder to plan your route, you'll start seeing the savings....
Semi truck driving through the snow
As colder temperatures approach, take some time to properly prepare your big rig for the change in seasons....
Trucker using radio to communicate on the road
A short pay is when the broker/shipper pays less than the invoiced amount (load rate)....
Semi trucks parked in a row in a parking lot
Freight factoring provides you with immediate working capital and TBS-not you-waits for payment....
Semi truck driving on the highway through a city
Is a trailer worth the investment? For many owner-operators, yes...
Fast funding for truckers with TBS
Improve your cash flow and get paid the same day you deliver your load...

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With our industry-leading TBS: Get Paid® app, you can manage your finances anywhere and anytime. Get fast, same-day pay for your loads.



Use our exclusive freight load board with new loads each day! Customize your search to find the perfect match and access the load board from anywhere on any device.

TBS Fuel Finder 

Fuel is the top cost for independent trucking companies. With our exclusive TBS Fuel Finder, you get access to real-time data.

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A Business Manual for Owner-Operators.
MC, permitting, fuel tax reporting
America’s Independent Truckers’ Assoc.

We are pleased to announce TBS’s acquisition of Financial Carrier Services (FCS), soon to be known as TBS Charlotte.

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